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New Album: Nicole - "12 Punkte"

Nicole - "12 Punkte" (Released: 14.04.2017)
There was a little girl with her guitar on the Eurovision stage, singing about peace in the world and it's already 35 years ago since Nicole won the contest with "Ein bißchen Frieden" (Engl. "A Little Peace") for Germany.

For this special anniversary the German singer produced a special album with Eurovision winning songs, translated to German. Nicole presented already one of the songs earlier this year in the German preselection "Unser Song 2017" - the song was the winner for Austria in 1966 sung by Udo Jürgens.

Nicole recorded a complete album with her favorite Eurovision winners. The album "12 Punkte" (Engl. "12 Points") includes 13 songs. You can hear also the english version of "Waterloo", a duet with German comedian Hape Kerkeling ("Insieme") and of course the duet with the Danish winner Olsen Brothers.

"12 Punkte"

  1. Waterloo (German Version) 02:43
  2. Halt mich fest 03:32
  3. Geh diesen Weg mit mir 03:02
  4. Hallelujah 03:12
  5. Merci Cherie 03:23
  6. Extreme - Insieme 03:42
  7. Küsse von Dir 03:02
  8. Was ist schon ein Jahr 03:11
  9. Ding-a-Dong 02:28
  10. Dann kamst Du 03:28
  11. Tausend Tränen 03:03
  12. Euphoria 03:01
  13. Ein bisschen Frieden 03:04
  14. Waterloo (English Version) 02:43
  15. Fly on the Wings (feat. Olsen Brothers) 03:03
  16. Insieme (feat. Hape Kerkeling) 03:42

On the album is, of course, a new version of Nicole's winning song "Ein bisschen Frieden" and it sounds like this...

The first single release is "Geh diesen Weg mit mir", the winning song from the Olsen Brothers. They won the Eurovision Song Contest 2000 in Stockholm for Denmark. Some days ago Nicole was guest in the German tv show "Willkommen bei Carmen Nebel" and performed a "ESC Meldley". Besides that she was together on stage with the Olsen Brothers performing "Fly On The Wings Of Love".

Support Nicole and her music. Download her Eurovision album "12 Punkte" on iTunes or listen to it on Spotify:

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Eurovision Cruise 2017 on 2nd September 2017 with Ruslana and Alexander Rybak

For the 8th time OGAE Finland is arranging the Eurovision Cruise in cooperation with Tallink Silja.

The Cruise starts from Helsinki Länsiatama on Saturday 2nd September 2017 at 6:30 pm to Tallinn. The cruise returns back to Helsinki on Sunday at 4:30 pm. You will have the chance to visit Tallinn in the morning for some hours.

For this years cruise are already confirmed two winners of the Eurovision Song Contest. First one is Alexander Rybak, who won the Eurovision Song Contest 2009 with "Fairytale" for Norway. Besides him it's Ruslana. She won the Eurovision Song Contest 2004 with her powerful performance of "Wild Dances" for Ukraine, the host country for Eurovision 2017.

Cabin categories and prices:

  • C-cabin 60 Euro (1-4 people)
  • B2-cabin 63 Euro (1-2 people)
  • B-cabin 70 Euro (2-4 people)
  • A-cabin 90 Euro (1-4 people)
  • DeLuxe-cabin 130 Euro (1-2 people)

You wann join the "Eurovision Cruise 2017"? - Book your tickets here:

Please go to  and read carefull the booking instructions:

  1. Choose your location 
  2. Book a cruise (Departure date 3rd September, the amount of passengers and choose From Helsinki To Tallinn).
  4. Choose: 22h -cruise (choose your cabin category and how many cabins you want) for example A class and 1cabin. (here you will see the normal price)
  5. Add promotion code EUROVISION to “ I have a voucher” -field. Now you will see the new price of your booking. 
  6. Next: BOOK THE TRIP
  7. Add your personal details and pay the trip
  • 1) Book a Trip --> choose your location
  • 2) Step one, voyage selection --> choose: cruise, choose: Helsinki → Tallinn → Helsinki; date: 02.09.2017 and choose how many persons there will in total
  • 3) Show departures --> choose: Cruise Helsinki-Tallinn-Helsinki
  • 4) Onboard services --> choose: cabin class and how many cabins you need
  • 5) Jump to order details or “Next” (if you want buy some on board services, like meals etc)
  • 6) Order details --> Coupons and promotions codes, add promotion code: “Eurovision” (apply to reservation)
  • 7) next --> order details, fill your personal information and pay your trip.
If you have any further questions or any problems with your reservation, fell free to contact OGAE Finland:

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Bulgaria: Kristian Kostov - "Beautiful Mess" (Official Video)

Kristian Kostov was chosen internally to represent Bulgaria at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 in Kyiv with the song "Beautiful Mess". After promoting his Eurovision entry in the last weeks on some of the main promotion events he released some days ago the official video for "Beautiful Mess".

Kristian Kostov - "Beautiful Mess" (Official Video)

Support Kristian Kostov and his music. Download his Eurovision entry "Beautiful Mess" on iTunes or listen to it on Spotify:

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Kristian Kostov will represent Bulgaria at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 in Kyiv. He will participate in the second semi-final on 11th May 2017 with the song "Beautiful Mess".

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Austria: Nathan Trent - "J'ai cherché" and "L’essenziale" (Acoustic Covers)

Nathan Trent was very busy in the last weeks promoting his Eurovision entry "Running On Air" in London, Amsterdam and Madrid. But the Austrian singer found time to record a special acoustic version of the French entry from Eurovision 2016. Here is the acoustic version of "J'ai cherché", originally sung by Amir.

One week ago he published already his acoustic version of Marco Mengoni's "L’essenziale" (ESC 2013, Italy).

Well, that's not all.. maybe you missed his cover of the winning song from the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 - "Heroes".

Support Nathan Trent and his music. Download his Eurovision entry "Running On Air" on iTunes or listen to it on Spotify:

For other possibilities check the stores in your country.

Nathan Trent will participate in the second semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 on 11th May 2017 in Kyiv with the song "Running On Air".

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Eurovision Radio International: Tonight! Interviews with Francesco Gabbani, Robin Bengtsson, Levina, Timebelle & more!

Welcome to Radio International - The Ultimate Eurovision Experience - a radio show all about the Eurovision Song Contest and more. A mix of Eurovision tunes old and new as well as interviews with the artists, Expert Opinions, Eurovision News and your Music Requests. The Team of Eurovision Radio International invites you to this week's edition of the show with introducing the Eurostars of the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 as Radio International continues in bringing you all the latest news from the world of the Eurovision Song Contest plus bringing you the Eurovision artists closer.

Hear many of the interviews with this year's Musical Ambassadors on the show this week - see below. Join in this Wednesday 19th April 2017 live from 8-11pm (cet) for the show.
  • Interview with Francesco Gabbani (Italy 2017) done in Amsterdam (08 Apr 2017)
  • Interview with Robin Bengtsson (Sweden 2017) done in London (02 Apr 2017)
  • Interview with Levina (Germany 2017) done in London (02 Apr 2017)
  • Interview with Naviband ((Belarus 2017) done in Amsterdam (08 Apr 2017)
  • Interview with Timebelle (Swizterland 2017) done in Amsterdam (08 Apr 2017)
  • Interview with Kristian Kostov (Bulgaria 2017)  done in Amsterdam (08 Apr 2017)
  • Interview with Anja Nissen (Denmark 2017) done in Amsterdam (08 Apr 2017)
  • Eurovision Spotlight Number: The Eurovision Song Contest 2017 by Regions with Chris Poppe taking a look at the South of Eurovision Land.
  • Eurovision Cover Spot with David Mann
  • Eurovision News, Quiz
  • Your music requests
  • New Music Releases by Eurovision artists as broadcast time permits

For further details visit the Radio International website here:

Join Radio International on Wednesday, 19th April 2017 from 8:00 - 11 pm (cet), via the website or on FM. Radio International is available live via and on FM 106.8, Digital Cabel Channel 781 in parts of the Netherlands and via In addition, you can pick up Radio International on Malta's Galaxy 105 every Monday from 1:00 - 4:59 pm (cet) hours CET and in Belgium on every Sunday evening from 7:00 - 10:59 pm (cet) and again on Tuesday evenings from 8:00 - 11:00 pm (cet). Should you not be able to listen live, the show will appear in the Programme’s Show Archive a few hours after it’s airing on the radio.

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